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keep him coming...

new lj user namepinknacious

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say goodbye to miss_paola you guys!!


go to pinknacious cause that's my new LJ. it's friends only  bitches. :p

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i would have thought after what happen saturday, things would get better...


it hasn't..


between monday and now, i got more horrible news in 3 days than I got in a whole year. i dont wanna say cause this isn't friends only post. i just wish i can live a day being completely happy. life fucks me over by throwing these curveballs. my life was happy up until monday night.

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Current Music: paulina rubio - don't say goodbye

god i love him. no one has ever made me this happy as he does even when we're a river apart <3

5 more days... i have been waiting for this day for too long. <3 i love my hun. in 2 years, the distance wont matter anymore. In 2007, 75% chance I will become a NJ resident. everything is falling into place.


kick ass job + great friends + caring bf + awesome gpa = happy paola ^^

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Current Music: Evanescence - My Immortal

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If you read this, even if i don't speak to you often, you must post a memory of me. It can be anything you want, it can be good or bad -- just so long as it happened.

Then post this to your journal. See what people remember about you...
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he drove on shitty roads to see me in NY today <33 We went to a Diner in NYC and we had the silliest conversation.

rick: you would leave me for Jake Epstein if you had the chance.
me: but he lives in canada...
rick: so if he didn't live in canada you would!
me: but he has a girlfriend...
rick: so if he didn't have a girlfriend you would!!
me: NO BABY I WOULDN'T CAUSE HE WOULDN'T TREAT ME LIKE YOU WOULD!! rofl. if you do not know who jake epstein is, he's Craig from Degrassi. I have the hugest celebrity crush on him but not as bad as Jess :p

so my exboyfriend Jesse told me he's engaged. seriously, he was and still is the hugest asshole known to man. he told me when we dated he didn't have a girlfriend. His current fiance im me when i was vacationing in Canada that her and jesse went out since 2000. We dated in 2001. Crystal knows the story cause I told her when she got home that night. ARGH I HATE GUYS LIKE HIM!!

I wished I lived in cali, why?... AUBREY AND ALI ARE GONNA BE ON BEST FRIEND'S DATE!!!!!!! omfg would I kill for a date with Ali(Ray from RFR) or Aubrey(Jimmy from Degrassi).

my pookie is way too cute:
VulCaNRoSS83 (1:53:29 AM): ur milk shake brings rick to your yard
lady pinkii86 (1:53:52 AM): it sure does
VulCaNRoSS83 (1:54:42 AM): damn right, they;re huger than urs. I can teach you, but i have to charge

no school for me, im ditching!! call if u wanna chill in Sunnyside =) laters <3

Current Mood: content content
Current Music: Will Smith - Will 2k

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my first friday off ever and it was awesome. had fun in class esp in 20th Cent Am Novels. went home and hung out with the hubby for a while. we ate vietnamese food, played initial D, shot some pool and drove around. around 9pm he dropped me off at Lazer Park and that was when I had a blast

the SGA from my college was having a night out so i decided to go. we had mucho fun. we played lazer tag, pool and video games. maddy, mike, sean, marlen, danielle, erica, erika, mary and pretty much everyone was there. my team lost all 4 missions ;___; but i had too much fun so it didn't bug me at all. played ddr with marlen, he was impressed by my shitty skills. i swore to god i saw my ex jesse with this girl so i assume it was Candice. played some initial d and hung out some more. we left around 11pm.

our original plan was to go clubbing but as we were trying to hail a cab we saw a dude with comedy club coupons. we took them and we went ^^. We went to HA! comedy club. OMFG that shit was funnie. It was me, Mike, Marlen, Erica, and Mary. we laughed too much, sux they card for liquor, oh wellies. around 2am we started to go home. got home around 3am. i have work in 7 hours, oh well!!

prolly might hang with Marlen or go to fng depending on the weather. so now fo some pics yo!

pics, yo!Collapse )

i hope the rest of you guys had a great time. i might go with the SGA when they go to Cancun for spring break!! im excited cause the ski trip was fun from what Marlen told me. gonna sleep now! bye :D

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Current Music: Dave Rogers - Space Boy

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The Great LiveJournal
Outage of 2005

During the outage I got a xanga.

What did you do?

Brought to you by geek-foo

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after my paid account expires for this account, it's being deleted. by march i will have a new livejournal and being selected of who i add cause it'll be friends only
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since this will be the only chance I have to update until January 2nd 2005, gonna do it now

januaryCollapse )

februaryCollapse )

marchCollapse )

aprilCollapse )

mayCollapse )

juneCollapse )

julyCollapse )

augustCollapse )

septemberCollapse )

octoberCollapse )

novemberCollapse )

decemberCollapse )

2OO4 was a year to remember. I did a lot of growing up this year and i realized life is way to short to hold beefs and grudges. i made up with a lot of people this year and continue to do so in 2005. i want to thank those who made my year very special. even the douchebags that only wanted that one thing from the pinkster :p

pics of '04Collapse )

everyone have a safe and happy new year!

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Current Music: hoobastank - the reason

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me and javier are going to the break today after i end work... AWESOME!

time to sleep, work in 13 hrs. nite
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despite the arguements we have, i am glad to have you here with me. you changed my life in these four months than anyone has in a longer period of life.

<3 i luff you smoochiez

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Current Music: Frou Frou - Let Go

What's 1 thing you like about me?
What's 1 thing you do not like about me?

After answering those two questions, copy and paste it in your LJ to see what other people think.

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i want to send out christmas cards. i am gonna start up a mailing list. comment with your name and address. don't worry lovelies, all comments are screened so i only get to read it =)
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12 more days then finals...

I will fail my sociology final cause i got a 58% on a 2 chapter test =/
I hate my sociology term paper. it's a "group" paper but im doing it solo... grr
good thing I didn't have to go to work
I saw my sweetie <3
7 days til 4 months
I love Rick Saavedra ^^
If im lucky, I'll get 4 hours of sleep
fucking college

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Current Music: fefe dobson - don't go (girls and boys)

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I need 1 more girl for my Otakon Group. My mom is booking 2 rooms: 1 for Girls and 1 for Boys. I need a girl ASAP that lives in NY or NJ. Ill give details as times goes.

Otakon 2005: August 19-21 2005
We'll leave NJ August 18th so we can get there a day early

im me @ corporatepride if ur interested. PLEASE I NEED ANOTHER GIRL!
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than spending the day with your hunnie x33

hung at Astoria Park then we drove to Clifton when I bummed out and slept :p Came back to NY to watch Battle of the Sexes and eat Burger King

I love my rick saavedra. my filipino beefcake. I can trust him with my life cause we are completely honest with each other

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Current Music: Ryan Cabrera - On The Way Down

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who goes to the break on monday nights? i am considering skipping school next tuesday and I want to hit up the broken. if my boyfriend takes me, we'll go. i just wanna know who usually goes.


Now I am going to write my paper for freshman seminar class then learn how to knit for a xmas gift. ta-ta!

Current Music: Black Eye Peas - Hey Mama

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it's eight grade all over again..

i wish i didnt have to do this. its the only way i can deal wit this.

If you watched Degrassi Episode "Whisper To a Scream" you know what I am talking about then

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anyone have the installer for JASC Paint Shop Pro 8? i need it badly cause i feel creative
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